Escort PASSPORT 9500i Radar Laser Detector Review

Every once in a while the leader in an industry comes out with a new product that blows the doors off the competition. Well, with the introduction of the PASSPORT 9500i, Escort has done just that. Building on the success of what was already considered the industry standard for excellence, Escort is once again the clear choice for the driver who wants the best. And all of this is available at the economical price of only $350. The 9500i can be obtained from any major electronics retailer or directly from Escort.

The 9500i offers all of the bells and whistles available on their previous models. But the addition of GPS capability is truly a game-changer. This benefits the driver immensely, especially in the area of false alerts. When the driver is passing a false alert trigger, such as a shopping mall with its door-openers, he tells the 9500i what is going on. The next time he drives by the mall the 9500i will remember the false alert and refuse to sound the alarm. It will still react to police radar, even in the same location. And if that amazing feature wasn’t enough, the 9500i uses the GPS to measure the car’s speed. This means that the driver can set alerts in certain areas to warn him about speed limits and traps. The 9500i takes care of everything. It even has an intelligent volume control on the audible alert which adjusts according to road noise.

A driver with a fragile driving record or a very fast car cannot afford to take chances with speeding tickets. The PASSPORT 9500i relieves him of any enforcement worries. With its Radar Safety Warning System feature and the driver’s ability to mark locations via GPS, the 9500i will produce a safe and worry-free driving experience without regard to the distance or speed. The only real hazard to buying the 9500i is all the boasting you will be doing to your friends.

All in all, it’s older model radar detector but is still the best radar detector for the money.

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