Escort Solo s2 Review: Cordless Radar Detector

Radar detectors have come a long way in the last few decades. A case in point is the Escort S2. Escort is the most popular and well-known maker of radar detectors in America. They are available from a number of retailers as well as directly from the factory. The SOLO S2 is perhaps their most unique product. It is a completely cordless unit powered by internal batteries. This gives portable convenience at a competitive price of around $175. However, this radar detector is the older model. We recommend checking out the new and improved Escort Solo S3 wireless radar detector.

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The SOLO S2 provides amazing coverage and protection for its size. It offers 360 degree detection on all bands. This affords the driver warnings of threats from forward and behind, eliminating the tactic of sneaking up from the back. In addition to the audible alarm the SOLO S2 offers a high-resolution LCD graphic display. This makes interpretation of the warning simple. There is no need to squint at the display or try to remember the meaning of some obscure code. Advanced digital signal processing enables the SOLO S2 to distinguish between signals. Shopping centers will no longer mask the presence of a genuine radar gun with their door-openers and other extraneous signals. Escort takes genuine advantage of modern technology to deliver the best warning possible.

The Solo S2′s many special features will appeal to a number of users. Its wireless portability, probably its most unique feature, enables the owner of the SOLO S2 to use it wherever and whenever he wants. With its small size making it easy to fit into an overnight bag, the S2 becomes the ideal business companion in a rental car. The owner of the S2 has the same protection away from home that he enjoys on the streets of his hometown. It is also a very convenient size for use on a motorcycle. The audio jack is compatible with any sort of earphones or helmet speakers. The SOLO S2 is perhaps the most convenient and useful radar detector on the market today.

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